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Croud are a returning client that demand Exceptional performance & exceptional results. After we successfully completed their ground floor workspace they got back in touch to explore turning the first floor into a space that maximised the buildings operating capacity.

The challenge of maximising capacity without compromising on character led us to deliver the boardwalk flooring concept to the client.

Specialist flooring was sourced to create the rustic boardwalk whilst darker city flooring was used to define employee workspaces. Beyond the workspaces are lavish artificial lawns that soften the feel of the breakout areas and define the space as relaxing spaces for employees to interact with their colleagues. This project gave our team the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. And by incorporating different flooring types we turned a floor into a beautiful feature.

The entire project was designed in-house to be an open, fresh and clean workspace that balances capacity with employee wellbeing. Crisp white walls made the most of the natural light and bounce the light around the office. Whilst the company branding was sensitively incorporated into the design with the focus being placed on the feature wall and the photographs of the Croud team.

Through careful consultation with the client we decided that bench desking was the best solution for this workspace. This particular product uses shared leg components that maximised space and allowed us to complete the clean look of the workspace. The desks also included built in cable management trays that allowed power and data cables to be kept tidy and accessible.

To complete the look we installed top of the line glass partitions at the end of dedicated desks to retain the open plan look but add a welcome splash of colour. The partioning gave us yet another chance to add the client’s corporate colours of black and orange into the design. As approved Komfort partitioning suppliers Planned Office Interiors are the only Staffordshire based fit out company that is authorised to fit this brand of partitioning. This enables us to provide our clients with unique partitioning solutions that are top of the line.

By working closely with the client and its subcontractors we selected power modules and monitor arms that saved space on the desktop to allow the user to set up their workspace exactly to their needs. We delivered to a strict deadline and completed the entire project in 7 days to allow the client’s I.T contractor to install the hardware over the weekend. Enabling the workspace to be operational first thing Monday morning, exactly as planned.


If you’ve got a similar project then get in touch with Neil on 01785 817114 and let’s create truly amazing workspaces.

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